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Easy steps to choose the perfect wedding photographer

Oh my gosh, I totally get how hard it is to choose your wedding photographer. There are so many out there, and they all seem to have a great collection of images in their portfolio. So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and find someone you trust to create photos your going to love?

Well, first thing you need to do is read this article ;)

1. Make a shortlist

My venue has given me a list of recommendations. Is it ok just to look at that?

Your venue might give you a list of photographers that they recommend, but personally I wouldn't rely on it. I've seen some really, really terrible recommendation lists from even the most upmarket of venues - the trouble is that they're put together by people who don't understand wedding photography. Often a photographer will simply have been extra nice to the venue's event organiser, and while it's great that they're savvy enough to ask to be put on a recommendation list, it doesn't make them a great photographer

So by all means use it as a starting point, but you should definitely widen your search.

Should I limit myself to local photographers?

Nope! Lots of people logically start their search by googling 'wedding photographers in [location]', and that's fine. But virtually all photographers will be willing to travel - and even leave the country! - so feel free to cast your net wider than the local area. That's especially relevant if you're in London or the South West, as photographers from that area may be more expensive than someone from further afield. 

Should I look for photographers who have shot at my venue before?

Well, yes and no for this one. It's a bonus if your photographer has shot at your venue before, because you'll be able to see how their creative vision applies to those unique settings. It gives you a bit more safety to know that they've coped in that situation before. But a good wedding photographer will be able to adapt to any venue - it's more important to find someone else whose style you love, 

I love a photographer who is a bit out of my price range. Should I rule them out?

If you've got your heart set on them and they can't budge on price, then honestly you should think about upping your budget and compromising on another area. Your wedding photos will be one of the very few mementos of the day you've put so much love and care into planning. Your bridesmaids probably won't be that gutted if you don't buy them all Jimmy Choos, but poor quality photos will break your heart.

Make sure they're free on your date

Sounds obvious, right? But it's easy to get far into the decision process only to find that the photographer you've got your heart set on is booked on your date. What a bummer! If that does happen, ask whether they can recommend another photographer with a similar style and standard.

2. Get a personalised quotation

Wedding photography pricing can be confusing.

Figure out what you need

Ask for a quote that includes:

3. Ask to see a FULL set of wedding photos

Ideally, you should ask to see a wedding that's as similar as possible to your own. Think 

4. Check the chemistry

You're going to be spending a LOT of time with your wedding photographer - possibly more than any other person at your wedding. (You'd be surprised how little times the bride and groom actually spend with each sometimes, what with all the friends and family they're chatting to!) And your emotions are going to be running high, so you may find you're less happy to have a stranger buzzing around you.

Just like friends, there's no one photographer who will get along with everyone - although some are definitely more of a 'people person' than others. Look for someone who compliments your personality type. If 

Even better, look for someone who is happy to adapt their behaviour to suit what you need. I always watch my couple closely to make sure I'm giving them what they need. Sometimes that's a calming, reassuring presence to let them know that little hiccups on the day will turn out fine, and other times they might need me to bounce around like a nutter to make them laugh during their couples photos. 

You should feel completely comfortable around your photographer. If they make you feel anxious or irritated, it's going to show in your photos - and you most definitely don't want to be looking stiff or cross in your pics. Make sure you discuss with them before the day how you'd like them to behave. 

Easy steps to choose the perfect wedding photographer