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A photographer's life is never dull! I get to meet such a wide range of people: lovers, couples, friends and family. Whoever they are, they have one thing in common: there's always so much love and joy between them. Take a look through these posts to see a sneak peak into their worlds.

What to expect from your photographer

Unless you're a professional model, chances are that you don't work with photographers all that often. Booking your first photographer can be a daunting process: what exactly should you expect? What kind of planning should you and your photographer do? Do you need to set aside a whole day or just an hour? How many photos should you receive? 

You've got questions, I've got answers! Find out the insider's perspective on just what you should expect from your photographer.

Kate and Jamie - usually it's all about the Bride's dress, but here the guys were looking just as awesome! Jamie's family were looking dapper, draped in traditional Scottish tartan. What do you think, were they 'true Scotsmen'? Ha, luckily for them I was too busy taking shots to flip their kilts up and find out ;-)

See the photos from their big day at Bearwood Lakes.

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