About me - Lucie Pitcher

A little bit about me

Hi there! Wondering who the lady behind the camera is? Me, of course! I'm Lucie, and I love storytelling. Actually, I love a lot of things: photography (obviously!), art, literature, philosophy, painting - but the thing that ties them all together is storytelling. They're all about finding different ways to communicate an idea or emotion - and that's exactly what I try to do with my photography. 

How I got into wedding photography

When I was little, I spent all my free time painting, drawing and reading books. (In fact I still do, when I'm not editing photos!) I studied Fine Art and English Literature at Uni, and then went on to do an MA in Literature and Philosophy. This led me to a career in digital content strategy (I'm still not exactly sure how!), which I absolutely love. But after doing it for a few years, I realised that I was really missing the visual creativity that had been such a big part of my life - and I missed connecting with people on something more meaningful than work projects. There was something missing from my life... and then one day, my boyfriend's sister asked me to photograph her wedding. I'd never done it before, but I spent 6 months intensively studying, absorbing every morsel of knowledge I could, practicing my posing techniques and buying new camera gear. The first time you shoot a wedding is always terrifying - I didn't sleep for weeks beforehand! But I loved it. That year I attended the weddings of five friends, and every time I could barely tear my face away from the camera. I found myself staring enviously at the official photographer, thinking, "I wish that was me!"

When you start dreaming of doing something, you work your ass of to make it happen. (Or at least you should do!) And so my photography career was born.

And now...

...I'm living the dream of being a wedding photographer, and I've branched out into portraits, engagement and family shoots. Anything that involves working with wonderful people to create pictures they love! I'm also still a Content Strategist. I do that for four days a week - it's much better at paying the bills. I spend at least a few hours every day working on photography projects though, so I'm rarely without either an editing screen or a lens in front of me! I love both jobs, but it's the photography that really captures my heart. I honestly do end up with tears of happiness in my eyes at almost every wedding, and afterwards when clients tell me how happy they are with their pictures. It's an honour to be able to give people a gift they'll treasure for the rest of their lives. I can't imagine anything more fulfilling.

That's the photography side covered...

What else?I live in central London; it's a crazy, chaotic city, but I can't imagine living anywhere else. I escape the big smoke regularly to get some fresh air in the countryside. I love walking (I usually clock up about 70 miles a week), ice skating, painting, drawing, good food and drink (who doesn't?!), and am generally a bit of a culture vulture. I'm a complete coffee addict (in fact I'm sat in a great little coffee shop in Borough Market as I write this!), and I love meeting new people. I also love talking about photography, so if you're looking for some friendly advice on how to find the right photographer for you, then get in touch and let's meet up over a coffee! Two of my favourite things at once ;-)