About - Lucie Pitcher

Hi, I'm Lucie!

Everyone has a story to tell. I spend a lot of time helping other people create photos that tell their own stories - and here's mine.

A Creative Challenge

I've always been creative, but I fell into wedding photography almost by accident a few years ago.

A Newfound Love

Best of Both Worlds

I'm all about story telling. Love it! Almost everything that I've ever been passionate about has involved people communicating their stories with each other. I studied fine art and English literature at uni, so not only am I a dab hand with a paintbrush, I have a way with words too. (Obviously modesty isn't among my many gifts!) When I graduated I found myself drawn towards digital content - it's all about combining words and images to help people understand a message. My job title in Content Strategist, and while I really, really enjoy what I do in the office, I always missed the creativity that I had back when I was at Uni.